Saturday, 9 July 2016

If I won lotto I would ...

I always like to day dream about winning the lottery. I think it's different to earning the money. Would I be so giving if I earned $30 million dollars, rather than winning it? I am not sure, I haven't done either and if I helped some people but not everyone, because I was capped out, would I feel guilty for not being able to help everyone? And could I help everyone, if I only won/earned a certain figure anyway? And how much should some one give to others to help without having them rely you for a regular income for the rest of their lives? It's really quite interesting, the moral dilemma's winning money can bring.

Who would have thought, thinking about winning would make me want to declutter?
Day dreaming is great and when money is unlimited, it's even more fun. It also helps me think about, if I did win lotto, I would probably get rid of 80-90% of what I own right now, which makes me wonder, why do I have it, if I don't want it in the first place? So for this purpose alone, it's a great way for decluttering.

Make your dreams a reality anyway
On another level, it gets me thinking about what I do want and then it gets me thinking, if I don't win lotto (yet, it's always a possibility right?) then how else can I get what I want? I think this is a biggie, if we don't spend time day dreaming about what we want, then we can't get creative in ways to make it happen. On my writing journey, I have learned, there is no one right path to build a dream career, in some cases, there are lots of up hills, twists, roundabouts, stops and turns to creating a life path. 

Here are some questions for you?
If you won the jackpot, how much would be your dream amount to win?
What would be the first $1 million dollars you spend, if you won lotto? 
How much would you give to others?
What would you dream house look like?
What would you do in terms of career? If you quit your job, would you take up some sort of hobby/business to keep your brain active or would you just go on an endless holiday?
Would you tell anyone that you won?

It's good to dream. 

Please note, I do not promote gambling, I just like the aspect of thinking big and think it's a bit of fun. Want to participate, simply add your comments to the bottom of this post. Please share and like this post to help others think big and creative too. 

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